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Coral ThorsenWelcome to my website and the informational portal to Natural Healing, Wellness Education, and Joyful Living at  Spirit of the Mountains Retreat.  It is an honor to share information, classes, and opportunities that will inspire and lead you to a new level of growth and Mind-Body-Spirit Healing.

The shared goal of Spirit of the Mountains and myself is to provide a place where Seekers can Find, Healers can Grow and Heal, and the Mystery of Natural Healing is understood and accepted as the blessed gift it is, so abundantly available to all who seek and open to receive.  My mission… to open doors for each who come, facilitating the opportunities for growth, understanding, healing, and connection to self, the greater whole…  God, in whatever form you perceive Him/Her to be.

So, step joyfully into the incredible world of Spirit of the Mountains Healing and grow  into who you really are!  While browsing the site, listen to the voice within… that of your soul speaking truth and offering guidance to you through your heart.  I am not the only one following a higher direction through my daily work and life path.  We all are.  It is not only the listening that is important… It is also the response to the call

Welcome & Blessings to all who enter and visit this site,    

Coral Thorsen